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Here is a lot of software that does not fit the definition "Client" as given on the top of the page. They should be moved to a different category.Prof7bit 11:46, 25 June 2011 (GMT)

Done :-) Prof7bit
  • Except that this isn't the definition used in common-speak. To most people, a "frontend" (more often called a "user interface") is the client. The contents of this category should be split between Nodes (which implement at least the p2p protocol) and Wallets (which implement at least the wallet management). See Infrastructure for an overview. --Luke-jr 15:11, 25 June 2011 (GMT)
    • Since none of the other categories was linked from the software category and the client page existed already since January I asssumed it would be ok to follow the description of this client category ("downloads the block chain etc.."), leave it as it was and instead create the aditional category "frontend" (which can be an API binding or a complete User interface). My only intention was to remove a bit of the chaos, if the term "client" were not already used by this old category page i would have probably come up with a slightly different naming. Maybe it would be better to completely remove the ambiguous "client" (which could be understood as the p2p-client and by *some* people also as the user interface) and instead always strictly only use "node" "User Interface" and "API-Binding" and avoid the word "client" altogether.
    • regarding "Wallet" I am not sure whether this should be mixed into this client-server categorizing problem, it would create more confusion. (there is the user interacting with the wallet (wallet as an abstract concept) through the UI but there is also the node software (the bitcoin client <-- there it is again this word) using the keys in the physically existing wallet file to calculate the balance and to generate transactions) Prof7bit 23:01, 25 June 2011 (GMT)