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A Chrome extension that displays a ticker of the average Bitcoin price on MtGox on the upper right corner of Chrome. Clicking the icon opens a currency converter as well as a three month graph of BTC versus USD. The currency displayed in the ticker can be customized from the extensions options. Due to privacy concerns of users the average price is mirrored from MtGox to another server and therefore the extension does not need permission for your data on MtGox.

  • Currencies supported
    • BTC: Bitcoin
    • USD: United States Dollar
    • EUR: Euro
    • GBP: Great Britain Pound
    • AUD: Australian Dollar
    • CAD: Canadian Dollar
    • RUB: Russian Ruble
    • PLN: Polish Złoty
    • SLL: Second Life Linden Dollar
    • GAU: Gold gram (Pecunix)
    • JPY: Japanese Yen
    • CHF: Swiss Franc
    • SEK: Swedish Krona
    • DKK: Danish Krone
    • NOK: Norwegian Krone
    • NZD: New Zealand Dollar
    • INR: Indian rupee
    • XAU: Gold ounce
    • XAG: Silver ounce
    • XPT: Platinum ounce
    • XPD: Palladium ounce

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