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==See Also==
==See Also==
* [[Trade#Getting_started|Alternate bitcoin distribution services]]
* [[List of faucets]]
==External Links==
* [http://faucet.9bitz.eu 9bitz Bitcoin Faucet] Claim up to million satoshi every hour
* [https://www.pikapay.com/bitcoin-fountain Bitcoin Fountain] New type of faucet pays out in seconds to all established Twitter accounts.
* [http://freebitcoins.appspot.com Bitcoin Faucet] web site
* [http://tpfaucet.appspot.com/ TestNet Faucet] web site
* [http://faucet.xeno-genesis.com/ Mojocoin Testnet3 Faucet] web site
* [http://faucet.luis.im/ luis.im Mojocoin Testnet3 Faucet] web site
* [http://freecoins.herokuapp.com FreeCoins] site, 0.00005 Bitcoin payouts sent every day, faucet can be used once a week.
* [http://www.vnbitcoin.org/freebitcoin.php Vnbitcoin FreeCoins] site, 0.00003 Bitcoin once per visitor.
* [http://freesatoshi.ga Bitcoin giveaway] web site, Decent amount every 6 hours.
* [http://freeinstantbitcoins.com Free Instant Bitcoins] Create account, complete offers, earn free bitcoins!

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Used to gives bitcoins out for free to each visitor. IP addresses that receive bitcoins were recorded, so that bitcoins were given only once to each address. It was operated by Gavin Andresen, however it is not functioning as of Jan 30 2013.

For Testnet there exists a different faucet that is working which gives out coins for people who want to do tests on the Testnet. The testnet faucet also has a simple wallet available to hold testnet coins.

See Also