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===Regions / Languages===
===Regions / Languages===
* [https://coinforum.ca Canada's Bitcoin Community]
* [https://www.bitcoin-italia.org Bitcoin Italia]
* [https://www.bitcoin-italia.org Bitcoin Italia]
* [http://forum.bitcoin.com.au/ Bitcoin Australia Forum]
* [http://forum.bitcoin.com.au/ Bitcoin Australia Forum]

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Bitcoin Community Forums on various platforms

Regions / Languages

Bitcoin Community Groups on Bitcoin Wiki platform

Special interests



There are various temporary and permanent clusters where bitcoin-friendly communities form. Temporary clusters are listed in [[1]]. Permanent communities include:

IRC Chat

Wiki Users


Periodic events where Bitcoin community meets include PorcFest, Chaos Computer Camp, Burning Man, Bitcoin conferences and more.

Bitcoin Related Publications



  • Bitcoin Yellow Pages, A fast growing Bitcoin search directory showing all Bitcoin business locations on a world map. Search by keyword, location, or category to find the Bitcoin business that fits your needs.
  • CoinMap, collaborative map based on OpenStreetMap data and rendering
  • Bitcoin.local Local exchanges
  • The Bitcoin Map collaborative map
  • Bitcoin Users Worldwide - Find nearby Bitcoin users • Engage in local trade • Add your own offers • Get notifications


  • Bitcoin Charts displays an overview of Bitcoin exchange markets.
  • The Bitcoin Monitor visualizes transactions, new blocks and trades on markets as they are happening.
  • Bitcoin Watch has various statistics on things like the size of the economy or the number of transactions.


  • MY-BTC.INFO A free profit/loss portfolio manager for Bitcoins and other digital currencies.
  • myBitWorth - allows you to track your bitcoin holdings over multiple addresses and portfolios on the bitcoin securities exchanges.

Bitcoin Project

Non-profit Organizations

External Communities

  • Bitcoin team on Etsy, an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items.
  • #WeAcceptBitcoins group on deviantArt, an online community showcasing various forms of user-made artwork.
  • Bitcoin group on Couchsurfing.org, a website that offers its users hospitality exchange and social networking services.
  • Bitcoin group on Steam platform by Valve, a gaming platform.
  • Ogrr, a digital trading community.
  • Rugatu, a Q&A community.