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BitVegas was a casino based in Minecraft. It was among the first Bitcoin-Minecraft services.

It featured the most generous faucet of its time, yielding 0.002 BTC per hour to visitors.


Roulette table 1 at BitVegas floor 2

BitVegas was a six story building. Across the six levels were a collection of games:

Game Floors Bitcoin? Game Floors Bitcoin? Game Floors Bitcoin?
Lottery 1, 4 Always Hold'em 3 No Minefield 2, 5 Yes
Drinking 1-5 Always Roulette 2, 5 Yes Race betting 4 Yes
Slots 2-5 Yes Blackjack 3, 5 Yes Parkour 6 No


The building's six accessible levels were connected by elevators. The first floor served as the lobby, featuring a bar. Also connected to the first floor were two closed wings, a gift shop and a hotel. Neither of these wings would ever open, although it was possible to see their contents by freecamming. The second floor had two massive roulette tables and a slur of other games. The third floor had almost exclusively featured card games, and the fourth floor was centered on the Bacon Races. The fifth floor was reserved to users who had 1 BTC in their accounts, and had games with higher maximum bets. The top floor was technically the roof, and had several games of skill which did not allow betting.


Bacon Races

The Bacon Races
Floor 4 featured Bacon Racing, which was a comical take on horse racing. Four pigs were given odds out of 100% to win the race, and players could stake bitcoins on those odds.

Drinking game

Players could purchase alcoholic drinks from bars across the casino. Upon drinking a beverage, there was a 48% chance of the drinker finding double what they spent on the drink. Found bitcoins were in the form of chips in the bottle.

Gift chest

Upon first joining the server, the number of free gifts a player may receive was set to thirty. Once every fifteen minutes, a player could go to a "Gift Chest" to receive a free gift of .5 mBTC. Players may increase their number of free gifts by referring other players. Referrals also paid 5 mBTC up front. This very generous subsidy sparked edit wars on the [wiki].