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BitLaundry - For all your Bitcoin washing needs.

How BitLaundry works

BitLaundry is designed to help unlink accounts from each other. It does that by providing a well-known, and hopefully popular service. Here's how it works:

Imagine that Alice wishes to send Bitcoins to Bob. Bob, sadly, is not well liked. Alice would rather not have anyone know that she sent Bob Bitcoins. So, Alice enters Bob's Bitcoin address into the form at BitLaundry, and selects a delivery schedule. Alice gets a one-time-use address from BitLaundry. Alice sends her Bitcoins to that address, and they get all mixed up with BitLaundry's other Bitcoins. BitLaundry waits until Alice's Bitcoins are received with 10 confirmations. BitLaundry deletes the database link between the one-time-use address and Bob's address. BitLaundry sends Bitcoins out to Bob according to the delivery schedule.

External Links

http://laundryzlzgnni4n.onion/ Original Link