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! Name !! Display !! Index !! Notes
! Name !! Display !! Index !! Notes
| Blockonomics || {{Yes}} || {{Yes}} || https://www.blockonomics.co
| blockchain.info || {{Yes}} || {{No}} ||
| blockchain.info || {{Yes}} || {{No}} ||

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Bech32 is a new bitcoin address format specified by BIP 0173. The BIP status was moved from draft to proposed on 3rd January 2018[1]. This page tracks the adoption of Bech32.

Ideally wallets would first support sending to bech32 addresses. After almost every wallet can send then people may be willing to adopt bech32 widely for receiving.

 ?? Haven't checked / placeholder
Planned The developers said they plan to
PR Merged In the case of software, code has been written and merged, and it will be in next release.
Yes Feature has been released

Software Wallets

Name Send to Create/receive Notes
Bitcoin Core PR Merged PR Merged
Electrum Yes Yes
Armory  ?? No
JoinMarket PR Merged No
GreenAddress  ?? No
Breadwallet  ?? No
Samourai Wallet Yes No

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallet manufacturers typically publish a web wallet or browser add-on wallet for use with their hardware. Users can also sometimes connect their hardware wallet to a software wallet like Electrum.

Name Send to Create/receive Notes
Trezor web wallet PR Merged No
Ledger chrome app No No
KeepKey chrome app  ?? No
Digital Bitbox Qt app  ?? No
Trezor + Electrum Yes Yes
Ledger + Electrum Yes Yes

Web Wallets

Name Send to Create/receive Notes
Coinapult  ?? No
Coin.Space  ?? No
BitGo  ?? No
blockchain.info web wallet  ?? No


Name Send to Create/receive Notes
Localbitcoins.com No No
Bitstamp No No
Bitfinex No No
Coinbase.com No No
Kraken No No
Itbit No No
Genesis No No
BitMEX No No
Coinfloor No No

Bitcoin ATM Models

Hopefully when a model updates then all its ATMs everywhere will gain that feature. See https://coinatmradar.com/shop/buy-bitcoin-atm/

Name Send to Create/receive Notes
GenesisCoin No No
General Bytes No No
Lamassu Douro No No

Blockchain Explorers

For trying these out you can use mainnet TXIDs 4ef47f6eb681d5d9fa2f7e16336cd629303c635e8da51e425b76088be9c8744c and 514a33f1d46179b89e1fea7bbb07b682ab14083a276979f91038369d1a8d689b. And addresses bc1qar0srrr7xfkvy5l643lydnw9re59gtzzwf5mdq and bc1qc7slrfxkknqcq2jevvvkdgvrt8080852dfjewde450xdlk4ugp7szw5tk9.

Some blockchain explorers can only parse the bech32 address and display it, they don't build an index so users cannot search for bech32 addresses.

See also: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Category:Block_chain_browsers

Name Display Index Notes
Blockonomics Yes Yes https://www.blockonomics.co
blockchain.info Yes No
Insight No No Open source explorer, instances are https://insight.bitpay.com/ and https://chain.localbitcoins.com/
Blockcypher No No https://live.blockcypher.com/btc
Tradeblock No No https://tradeblock.com/bitcoin

Other Services

Casinos, marketplaces, etc that let users withdraw money