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BTCMerch is a payment processing system for accepting bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with all advantages of credit cards. It is very simple to implement BTCMerch into shopping carts. Merchant should just copy/paste the HTML code.


The fee is 0.5% of a transaction value. The minimal fee is 0.002 BTC.


  • Instant payments forwarding to the merchant's BTC address
  • No sign up is required for buyers
  • Buyers stay on the merchant's site if one click payment form is implemented
  • Callback notification of received payments
  • Multilingual checkout page
  • Merchants can collect shipping information for orders using BTCMerch

Shopping cart integration

  • Wordpress e-Commerce
  • Wordpress WooCommerce
  • Drupal Ubercart



Sandbox has the same functionality as the live system but is configured to operate with testnet bitcoins.


The amounts can be set in different currencies.

  • BTC
  • USD
  • EUR
  • JPY
  • CAD
  • GBP
  • CHF
  • RUB
  • AUD
  • SEK
  • DKK
  • HKD
  • PLN
  • CNY
  • SGD
  • THB
  • NZD
  • NOK

If the amount is set in a currency different from bitcoin it will be converted to bitcoin automatically. Exchange rates

External links

BTCMerch web site