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Avalon2 is the second machine of Avalon project. using the 55nm ASIC chips



Avlaon2-modular-pcb-3d.pngAvlaon2-modular-front.jpg Avlaon2-modular-back.JPG

Avlaon2-modular-connector-and-fpga.JPG Avlaon2-modular-a3255.JPG Avlaon2-modular-power-chip.JPG


Single modular

Avalon2-single-modular-all-1.jpg Avalon2-single-modular-all-2.jpg Avalon2-single-modular-all.JPG

Avalon2-single-modular-set.jpg Avalon2-modular-with-case-con.jpg Avalon2-modular-with-case.jpg

Avalon2-modular-top-side.jpg Avalon2-modular-connector-side.jpg Avalon2-modular-FAN-side.jpg

Avalon2-single-modular-connector-back.jpg Avalon2-single-modular-connector-front.jpg

Avalon2 parts

Avalon2-3modular-connector-back.jpg Avalon2-3modular-connector-front.jpg

Avalon2-usb-serial-connector.jpg Avalon2-usb-serial-connector-BACK.jpg Avalon2-how-to-connector.jpg

Avalon2-fan1.jpg Avalon2-fan.jpg


Avlaon2-front-without-face.jpg Avalon2-back.jpg Avalon2-top-1.jpg

Avalon2-details-1.jpg Avalon2-details-2.jpg Avalon2-details-3.jpg

Avalon2-power.jpg Avalon2-power-usb.jpg Avalon2-top.jpg

User manual


The USB on the AR9331 have bugs. if you want use serial console, please the direct serial console on 703N (the /dev/ttyATH0). it's far more stable then USB-serial convertor. you may want add a usb-hub between machine and 703n

Raspberry Pi

The 13 ports USB HUB
  • The default firmware IP address is, you can access it by
  • You may need update the address/DNS to your local configuration. DO NOT FORGET your IP address.
  • If Rpi can access internet the cgminer should automatic start

Manual by others

The Avalon2

Power supply

Avalon2 power supply.jpg


315GH/s, 1020W@220V in normal mode. 
210GH/s, 420W@220V in ECO mode. 

Avalon2 Single Modular

Module hash speed: ~105GHS
Chip operating speed: 1.5GHS 
Chip working voltage: 1.0V 
Typical values ​​DH: ~2% 
Module Power: 24.5A@12V, 294W (excluding fan power consumption). 0.1A @ 5V, 0.5A @ 3.3V. 
Power Module conversion efficiency: >= 87% 
Design Operating temperature: 85C (chip temperature), 60C (PCB, temperature sensor measurements) 
Fan: 4PIN PWM speed control, report fan speed back.
Include: Single modular, USB Connector


from bottom(FPGA) to top is 1 to 8 
1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Blink when found nonce
6, 7, Data transfer
8: Error or under testing

Design Files


Source code




  • Here: http://downloads.canaan-creative.com/software/avalon2/2014-01-23/
  • MM(201401-a3cb3950): Include the first stable version of MM firmware
  • Include the RPi OpenWrt firmware
  • Include the 703N OpenWrt firmware
  • Support fixed fan speed, support A3255 frequency from 1G to 2G, support adjust voltage for 0.65v to 1.1v
  • Display all modules status include 2 fan, 2 temperature sensors, voltage and frequency
  • Voltage display as encode mode. needs to be changed to human readable
  • Include an ASIC cores testing python script

Test plan

  • Test 10 avalon2 single module with one host (703N or RPi)