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Attic Lab is a blockchain software development company, headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine.[1]


Apart from contractual work, Attic Lab develops blockchain-based software platforms and blockchain utilities, accessible by users of different blockchains openly.[2]


CODEX is a licensed cryptocurrency trading platform, implementing the latest security technology achievements and bonus system. CODEX was launched by Attic Lab in February 2018.[3]


Everstake is staking service provider for proof of stake and delegated proof of stake staking. Everstake operates staking nodes in more than 15 top PoS blockchains, and is one of the biggest staking pools in several of them.[4]

My EOS Wallet

My EOS Wallet is one of the first user-friendly EOS wallet mobile apps.[5] The app provides all essential features required to have a fully functional EOS wallet, and is constantly updated with new security improvements. Currently, Attic Lab’s My EOS wallet is one of the most-installed EOS-related mobile applications worldwide.[6]