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The Bitcoin [[Protocol specification]] supports the broadcast of [[Alerts]]. An unofficial email relay is now provided that rebroadcasts these [[block chain]] related alerts. To subscribe via email send an email to '''bitcoin-unofficial-alerts+subscribe@googlegroups.com''' [mailto:bitcoin-unofficial-alerts+subscribe@googlegroups.com] and you should receive an email asking you to verify your subscription.
This service is no longer offered.
Alternatively, you can browse to the Google Group for the list [https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/bitcoin-unofficial-alerts]. By default Google Groups does not send emails, so when you sign up you will likely want to choose to get notifications via email.
==Verify alerts and obtain the latest status information==
If you receive an alert you should '''immediately verify it is official''' by running "bitcoind getinfo" (but see notes below), go to bitcoin.org [http://www.bitcoin.org] to obtain more details and background, or join the #bitcoin [[IRC channels]] on freenode to obtain the latest information.
*Alerts are broadcast to a specified range of Bitcoin versions.
*The email relay uses a specially patched version of bitcoind that should report and therefore relay ''any'' alert broadcast for ''any'' version.
*You will therefore have to verify whether or not the alert is actually relevant to your particular version of Bitcoin client.
*Alerts are also independent of blocks or transactions, and have a defined time-to-live.
*The email relay polls bitcoind every six minutes.
Please send any comments or requests to Gary Mulder [mailto:flyingkiwiguy@gmail.com].
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This service is no longer offered.